Dr. Gamal Mousa

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr . M Gamal Mousa is a consultant psychiatrist with long and extensive experience, he has worked in KSA in Al-Amal Hospital in Riyadh from 1987 – till 1991 then he has worked as a consultant psychiatrist in Behavioral Sciences Pavilion in Sheikh khalifa Medical City- Abu Dhabi till 2019. He has worked in different units including inpatient and outpatient settings. He was a faculty member of the residency psychiatry training program and he was actively involved in medical student training . He has participated and chaired several committees including medical board committee, ECT committee , TMS committee, and others. Dr.Gamal has completed the Arab Board in Psychiatry in United Arab Emirates. He has actively participated in educational and awareness programs and conferences in the field of psychiatry held in the region and internationally and participated in research and clinical studies published in psychiatric journals.


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